High Heels: 8 Simple Ways To Avoid Foot Pain


Here are a few tips to help make high heels comfortable.

1. Cushion up: There are many gel pads and cushion inserts you can use to pad your heels every day. If you can’t find any around you, improvise. Just do something to get rid of that ball sting.

2. Break in your shoes: The entrance of a new pair of heels into my life sees me strutting around the house trying to loosen them up before I launch out into the deep. This is to avoid hunching in pain only 10 minutes after stepping out.

3. Take baby steps: When walking in your heels, take smaller steps so there is less pressure on your foot. Long strides create extra weight which speeds up the chances of aches and pains. Also try never to run in heels!

4. Try the tape trick: When you wear your high heels, try to tape your 3rd and 4th toe together. This will allow the front of your feet to “fit” better in your shoes (no more painful toes!)

5. Get some backup: Always go out with backup flats. She who rocks her heels and later changes to flats will live to rock them another day! No jokes!

6. Remember to limit yourself: Don’t wear heels every day, unless you want to have problems in the future such as correcting bunions, ingrown toenails, replace worn out toe-joints, knee or even back surgery.

7. Pamper your feet: End your high heel wearing sessions with a warm foot bath. Fill a tub full of warm water and just relax and soak your feet, massaging them gently.

8. Moisturise: To wrap this up, moisturise your feet before sleeping, further massaging them. All that stiff movement in your heels can lead to dry, rough heels and dry lines all over your foot. If you feel like taking it a step further after moisturising, wear socks to sleep to really let your foot ‘soak’ in the moisture and recover from all that pain.

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